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What should I do if I haven't received my order?Updated 3 months ago

If you did not receive your order and are expecting a delivery, first, check your order's delivery status. Our records indicate if and when an order was delivered. If your package was marked as delivered but you did not receive it, please check around your delivery location or with neighbors. In some cases, it might be left in a secure location or with someone who took the delivery on your behalf.

If you can't locate the package, or if there's no tracking update and it should have already been sent, please contact us immediately. We may file a claim with the carrier on your behalf or look into other resolution options. If your order had package protection and you never received it, please reach out to us so we can assist further.

For orders without any movement on the tracking, or for any discrepancies regarding shipping information, we may initiate an investigation with the shipping carrier to determine the cause of the delay or non-delivery.

Always provide your order number and other relevant information when inquiring about your delivery for a swift resolution.

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